Options For Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Unhealthy lifestyle, childhood diseases, heart and vascular problems, abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, small physical activity, surgeries and many other psychological factors can result in a partial or complete inability to reach or maintain an erection hard enough for a sexual intercourse to happen. This male sexual disorder is called an Erectile Dysfunction (known as Impotence).

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Many men suffer from this problem, which makes their sexual life impossible and puts them in some embarrassing situations. But the biggest problem with Erectile Dysfunction is realizing that you cannot live a happy sex life. But if you are ready to face the problem, you are half way to solving it!

Recounting of your sexual activity is a way to start erectile dysfunction treatments, as this way you will be able to find out, if you mostly have problems with desire or erection, or orgasm. When you make some conclusions, share them with your doctor and see, if the physical examination proves your guesses. Tests like blood counts, lipid profile, liver enzymes, creatinine measurements, urinalysis, testosterone tests, analysis of endocrine system can help diagnose the problem for future Erectile Dysfunction treatments.

Your doctor will most likely advise you to start ED treatments from the least powerful, risk free drugs, and if they don’t help, he will prescribe some stronger drugs to you. For some people simple change of habits and having healthier lifestyle is better than any medical Erectile Dysfunction treatments.

So here are a few steps you should take first before applying for some Erectile Dysfunction drugs:

  1. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid taking drugs, start sleeping more and eating in time.
  2. Lose weight, if necessary (or gain weight in some cases). Eat healthy food.
  3. Review the medications you are taking regularly and reduce the number of strong medications in the list, try to replace them with natural herbal pills.
  4. Monitor your blood pressure and heart activity to make sure it works perfectly.
  5. Join a gym and start doing regular physical exercises to keep your body fit.
  6. If your erectile dysfunction might have psychological causes, visit a  psychotherapist.

If none of these helps, then you should follow with medical the erectile dysfunction treatments:

  1. oral drugs (called PDE-5 inhibitors)
  2. injected drugs
  3. vacuum pumps
  4. surgery

Now let’s talk about these in details.

PDE-5 Drugs (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra) can be taken orally, as needed,  30 minutes before sex. PDE-5 inhibitor do not work without sexual stimulation and neither increase a sexual drive. Oral drugs for ED work for as many as 92% men. Another benefit is that these can be taken with alcohol and fatty meals. However, these drugs are prescription only and have some side effects. Consult your doctor before you apply for them.

Injected drugs (for example, Caverject) are also used for erectile dysfunction treatments, but they can result in scarring and other side effects.  These drugs injected into muscles or into penis directly and provide results even without sexual stimulation.

Mechanical vacuum devices create erection using vacuum by drawing blood to the penis. A special rubber band is necessary to retain erection when the vacuum pump is removed.

Surgery is probably the last thing to do if the rest does not help, when you want to have your Erectile Dysfunction treated. Using surgery, it is possible to either implant something into the penis, or adjust arteries to increase blood flow or reduce outflow of blood from the penis.

Consult your doctor to find the best option for erectile dysfunction treatment personally for you.

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